Water Categories and the Damage They Cause

Your property in North Hollywood, CA, be it a commercial or residential one, is likely to be a victim to various types of water damage. There are mainly three types of water damage that exist, according to the IICRC’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration.

The Types of Water Damage

Categories of Water Damage North Hollywood CA

Based on the categories proposed by the IICRC, the types of water damage categories consist of the following:

  • Clean Water

    The type of water damage that forms category I includes clean water. Since the source of the water (that is the releasing point) is not contaminated in any way, this water is clean in nature. Residents and animals in North Hollywood, CA, are thus able to consume this water without any worry as it is not injurious to health. Water supply tanks, leaky faucets, vertical falling of rain water, faulty supply lines on appliances and broken pipes make up the potential sources of clean water.

  • Grey Water

    The type of water damage that makes up category II is known as grey water. It is also called waste water as it is formed as a result of household activities. Although it comprises of similar characteristics as clean water, it does consist of a small amount of contamination. There is no fecal matter present in it. A person or animal who may consume grey water is more likely to experience a nauseated feeling and some amount of uneasiness. Grey water forms as a result of flushes from sinks, tub drains, showers, dishwashers and washing machine overflows.

  • Black Water

    The type of water damage that makes up category III comprises of black water and majorly consists of toilet overflow, sewage backup and fecal matter. It is an extremely dangerous category of water and so if consumed by animals or human beings can cause serious illness and even death. Black water forms the main component in stagnant water and it promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. You will find black water in rising flood water from streams/floods as well as ground surface water that horizontally flows into homes.

North Hollywood, CA’s Water Damage Problems Taken Care of Swiftly

Determining the type of water damage can be a cumbersome process as only a professional will be able to detect the characteristics and nature of the damage. This is why, it is always best that you contact an experienced water damage restoration company in North Hollywood, CA, such as us. We will be able to accurately determine the type of water damage and advise you on the preventative steps that need to be taken so that you can bring the water damage situation under control.

You can definitely rely on our services, be it for your residential or commercial areas and we will see to it that we never let you down. If you would like your questions and queries to get sorted or need advice with regards to the type of water damage problem you face, you can get in touch with us and we will see to it that the problem is put to rest within no time.